• Anna Klimek

Beach walk & Bull Kelp talk

We were in Tofino on Vancouver Island and I took my group for a walk on Long beach. Here, where the huge forests reach to the beach and waves of the Pacific break, nothing can hide the fact that you are at the very edge of the continent.

Tofino is one of the rainiest places on earth. The rain is what created and continually feeds the stunning nature that most visitors are there for. The giant trees of the Clayoquot sound, the salmon, whales and bears are all dependent on the bounty of rain that feeds this amazing eco-region in Western Canada. This photo shows a plant called Bull Kelp, one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It can grow up to half a meter (2 feet) in one day alone or can reach a total length of 24 meters (80 feet) in one season, spring to fall. Bull kelp is the largest form of brown algae and grows in ‘forests’ along the rocky shelves of the ocean.

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you." Anne Lamott
Slow Down Tours guided walk

Slow Down Tours Tofino morning

Slow Down Tours in Tofino
Long Beach, a 16-kilometer, driftwood-covered, wide sandy beach is considered the best surfing area in Tofino

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