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Train journey across Canada

I often get asked as a Tour Guide, if I have taken the train across the country. It has never really been on my bucket list to sit and travel for 4,466 km but certainly I have heard about the stunning scenery. This fall I decided to finally make the VIA rail eastbound Canadian journey from Vancouver to Toronto my priority. I just wanted to get a different perspective of the Canadian Rockies. Especially see some of the idyllic Canadian shield, a large area of exposed rock that formed 3 billion years ago. The Shield occupies more than 40% of Canada’s territory across 5 provinces!

The Shield is Canada’s largest physiographic feature but contains only 8% of the country’s populations.

My 4-day great continental train ride started on October 31. at 8 PM.

Slow Down Tours on the train
On the train with a small glass of Champagne, what a nice welcome gift! Bienvenue and Happy Halloween.
Slow Down Tours on the train
Excellent food, top notch service and a wonderful experience to have a meal with three strangers.

While I’m having dinner my bed is being made every evening. Very comfortable and cozy in the Economy class.

Next day’s view of the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies - Mount Robson, often called “cloud cap mountain” as the summit is generally hidden by clouds.

view of Mount Robson in early June

Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the prairie provinces in Western Canada.

Lake-dotted geology: getting closer to the Canadian shield.

The Shield in Ontario: rocks and more rocks.

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