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In life we sometimes move at the wrong speed. There is a tendency of hurrying through a vacation, and trying to cram too much into every day. With Slow Down Tours, your travel experience will not be a race to tick things off the list. We don't rush our adventures. We provide quality guiding services that will enhance your time in Western Canada. Choose from full-day tours in the surrounding area of Vancouver and multi-day vacation packages in British Columbia.




Because of the biological diversity of the Pacific coast - seashores to mountain tops, mild to cold climates - British Columbia is a magnificent place for any traveler who is curious about nature. An enormous variety of animals and plants can flourish in environments that are included in our destinations. Coast mountain scenery, natural history and human history are featured on our informative, guided nature tours.




Hiking in pleasant surroundings with good company improves your well-being. Our hikes are carefully chosen, they are inspirational and fun. Our travel itineraries come from meticulous planning and our destinations represent the unique features of the particular ecoregion. We offer you to become an observer of the natural world and connect to the places we visit instead of rushing through everything. 




At Slow Down Tours we minimize the impact our tours have on the environment. We are aware of extremely sensitive areas and ensure that we have the proper equipment and a pro-active approach towards protecting our land, water, plants, and animals. A portion of our profit is donated to old-growth forest conservation

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