City and Hike? Absolutely!

Combine the pleasure of your Vancouver visit with our tour into nature. We believe that walks and hikes in pleasant surroundings with valuable insights into nature increase your well-being and open your mind to the diverse possibilities of experiencing outdoor activities. Our hiking tours are designed so that neither activity is overly taxing, making them accessible to a wider range of costumers. 

Our guided tours operate without transportation provided. Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to meet us directly at the trailhead or starting point indicated in our detailed itinerary.  

Wonders of the Coast Mountains

Moderate to Difficult, allow 6-8 hours 

Nowhere else in Canada is a city so close to mountainous terrain and trails. From the serenity of the forest, to the calm of the alpine; you can combine the pleasure of your Vancouver visit with our full day hike into granite country. This tour can be tailored to your fitness level and particular interest; whether it be flower meadows, wildlife or other wonders of the Coast Mountains.

1-4 Guests: CAD $400 

5+ Guests: $95 per person

plus 5% tax


Embrace the Pace in the Sea-to-Sky

Easy, allow 4 hours 

Join us for a half day in the most pleasant surroundings of the Sea-to-Sky region. With a stroll along the Salish Sea and an easy hike in an old-growth forest, you will gain an appreciation and further understanding of the plants that flourish in this area. Spending time in our coastal temperate rain-forest is a spectacular experience that will involve all your senses.

1-4 Guests: CAD $360

5+ Guests: $85 per person

plus 5% tax


Morning Walk & Forest Talk

Easy, allow 2 hours 

Get up early and start your day off in the company of a local guide, while walking through a green oasis just off downtown Vancouver. You will see trees that are over 100 years old and learn exciting facts about British Columbia’s coastal forests: a habitat that truly defines rest that becomes a blessing for both body and soul.

1-4 People: CAD $200 

5+ People: $45 per person 

plus 5% tax